• Best Deals from Mariachi Star $300

    Four of our best musicians, ensuring the greatest performance with the most outstanding Mexican mariachi sound, this option will cost depending the location and day of the week around $295 dollars per hour. This opiton is only available Monday through Thursday.
    We currently have a special offer. For more details call 323-907-3357 with Luis Molina

  • Fantastic Option with Five Musicians for $345"

    Mariachi Star will give a five star performance with five of our very best musicians, previously members of some of the best mariachis in the world. Depending on the day of the week this option is approximately $345 dollars per hour, Saturday minimum two hours


  • Elegant Choice with Six Musicians for $395"

    Mariachi Star will give your party or social event an ambiance of pure Mexican flavor that will never be forgotten, with Six musicians all of them great singers. This option will cost depending of the area and day of the week approximately $395 dollars per hour. Saturday minimum two hours.

  • Cheapest Option (Very economical!) "Trio"$245

    Three excellent musicians with an Accordion or a requinto, a guitar and a base. will make a great performance. this option is only, $245 dollars per hour This opiton is only available Monday through Thursday.

  • Up to 15 musician Band is Available please Call for more details if you want to have more musicians then the regular amout.("regular amount" within the standard in Los Angeles)

    The Original Mariachi Band is usually 13 musicians but here in Los Angeles the most popular choice is between four to five musician band, especially because we can fit inside a house or small apartment, also because is more economical, but regardless of the amount of musicians we want to reassure you that our musicians are professional, wonderful singers, very well dress and gromed, happy and respectful to any type of audience. Thank you for supporting the Mexican American Tradition in Los Angeles. God Bless you.